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  • Become an MGV Model
  • Content Protection
  • GEO Blocking
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Become an MGV Model

Why should I become an MGV girl?

My Girl vids is a social networking clip site for amateur and professional models who want to get to know and grow their fanbase whilst making an additional revenue stream selling clips and other in demand or requested items.

MGV allows its models to upload content with little worry of it being stolen and uploaded to thieving tube sites. This is due to our exclusive fingerprinting technology that allows us to keep your content safe with no cost to you! This technology is exclusive to us and you will not find this on any other clip site!

MGV is the only clip site that truly cares for your content!

How do I become an MGV girl?

You must be 18 or over to join. If you are, great! Get your ID ready and Click on the join button at the top of the site and follow the easy steps provided. Oh yeah, and Its free to join!

Will My I.D. Ever Be Seen By Anyone Other Than You?

NO! No one but our approval department will see this information. Your I.D. is used to verify age as well as generate the 2257 compliance form needed to LEGALLY work in the adult industry.

Content Protection

What is this fingerprinting technology that you speak of?

Im glad you asked! As soon as you upload a clip to MGV, it will automatically be fingerprinted, so if it does get uploaded to a tube site even if its just 10 seconds of your clip, our technology will find it! With our exclusive fingerprinting technology, Your stolen content will be found and removed from the tube sites very quickly. Our servers will be working 24/7 searching the whole internet for your stolen content. cool huh?

This also means you save money from having to hire independent companies who don’t even have our exclusive technology and have to search manually for your content, and they won’t find it all, believe us!

How is the content I upload protected?

So we’ve already explained the awesome fingerprinting technology you will be benefiting from when you join, but we also protect your content in other ways too. All your clips are stored on our secure cloud data server. Each time a member purchases one of your videos, an encrypted signature is generated and given to the purchaser for a one time download. Once the video is downloaded, the link is invalid and the member is unable to share that link with anyone else.

Can I still upload content to other clip stores?

Yes, absolutely! We do not scan other clip sites for stolen content, so you don’t have to worry about it being removed by us if you have the same videos uploaded here as you do anywhere else. If you have accounts on tube sites where you upload your videos for free, just let us know and we can put it on our list so its not scanned and removed.

GEO Blocking

Can I block a country or state from seeing my profile?

Yes! We don’t want your family members/ crazy ex/ boss/ insert easily offended party here/ finding your videos either. Block away my friends.

Just select from the drop down menu in settings and you are hidden.

Sell store, items & clips

What kind of items can I sell in the store?

You are free to sell both new and used items to members and models. We have a categories section for the store to give you ideas on what you can sell.

You cannot sell anything that would be considered a bio hazard. Please use common sense.

What kind of videos can I upload?

Your video clip must be a minimum of 2 minutes. Please allow for a good amount of happy time for the members. There is a list of categories you can choose from when you upload a video.

Is there a minimum amount of content that I need to have on my profile?

Yes, you must upload a minimum of 3 clips for your account to be visible to members.


You have the option of selling monthly memberships to your videos and can decide which videos to include into your membership. You decide the price and length of your membership!

Marketing tools

Affiliate tool

When you sign up a member to go premium through your link, depending on how long his membership is for, you get a like for every dollar. You also get 50% commission of the membership, pretty sweet huh?

Promo codes

Create promotional codes for your fans and customers giving them a percentage that you decide off of your content.

Video links

Create individual downloadable links to your videos! You may want to use this tool to give out a free video to a generous fan, or perhaps send links to customers on other platforms such as when you are on live cams.

Get Social

Can I sell my social media apps?

Yes! You have the option to be able to sell your snapchat and kik applications to members for a monthly price that you set. These will appear as icons on your profile for members to easily find. Don’t worry, your ID will not be shared until it is purchased by a member.

Tools for twitter

Intergrate your twitter with MGV and share your previews easily after uploading with your fans. You can also use the ‘share’ button underneath your video whenever you want to remind your fans again about the great vids you have uploaded!

MGV Score

A fair scoring system

The more profile likes you get, the higher up the MGV ladder you go, so keep promoting! The score is re-set each month, so everyone gets a chance to be on top depending on the effort they put in on a monthly basis. We’ve kept this simple so you don’t have to guess on how to be a top MGV girl. Unlike other sites, we want you to succeed, we don’t want your profitability to be a guessing game. The more you promote, the higher your score. Its just that easy!

As well as profile likes from promoting, here are a few other ways to gain likes

  • For every dollar you make you get 1 MGV like

  • For every 5 messages sent between you and a member, you get 3 MGV likes. This is capped at once a day per member

  • Every video you upload you get 2 likes

  • Every picture you upload you get 1 like (This is capped at 50 likes per month)

  • Adding your social media

  • Adding services

Sets your rates & sell shows

Set your status to online and appear on our ‘live Skype show page’ where members looking for a show can easily find you! You can even keep this open whilst you webcamming, maximising your earning potential!

Become a top Model

The key to being successful

Exposure for all

Feature on the homepage

Exposure on sold items

Im a studio can I join?

Yes! Producers who have rights to the content are also free to join and keep their content protected! The clips can have both male and female performers, but all must have females in them at all times..I mean, this is my GIRL vids!

Free studio sign up!

Male models and trans

We are Currently not accepting male or trans applications, as for the moment as a new site we are focusing on female producers. We have plans in the very near future to expand and to be an LGBTQ friendly platform.