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Member's FAQ

How much does it cost to join?

MGV is free to join, we do have a premium membership that you can upgrade to that offers you big baller perks. That can be found under the upgrade my membership tab 

What are the perks of a premium membership?

Add friends

Unlimited messaging

Block models

Option to make your profile private to non friends

Private Messaging models 

A free video every month

Unlimited video download 

Post status

Add photos to your profile gallery

Option to have password protected galleries

Able to send photos via private messaging

Higher spending limits

Baller status- your profile will be a different colour and you will have a gold circle so the girls know you're a baller

What are the method of payments?



Gift Cards with the V and MC logos

ATM with the V and MC logos

How do I search for videos?

You can look though the sites collection of clips though the drop down menu at the top, and select ‘videos’ Alternatively, you can search for terms in the search bar. We have an extensive catalogue of categories for even the most discerning collector.

How do I search for models?

Either click on the models page to see the full list, or type in a particular girls name in the search bar to find her. Alternatively, you can search models by age, body type, location, hair and eye colour on the models page!

Can I watch videos in any browser?

Yes you can!

I want some live action, where can I find that?

Go to our online page and see all the girls who are ready to book prepaid Skype sessions with you, right here and now. No blue balling here

How can I add a girl to my friends list?

Friends list feature is for premium members only.

Can I Block a model from contacting me?

Only Premium members have the option to block models from contacting them and making their profile private, thats if you of course you dont want beautiful women contacting you, the struggle is real.

How do I help my favourite girl become successful here?

First of all, make sure to ‘like’ her page every month, and get your buddies to do the same! The more likes she gets the higher her profile goes on the models page. Subscribe to her membership, add her as a friend, buy her items and let everyone on your social media know how awesome she is

Anything else you need help with?

Just drop us an email on our contact page, and we will be happy to assist you