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Horny Sister Creampie

You and your sister have been sharing a bedroom over the holidays while your house is full of relatives. You guys are hanging out one afternoon, chatting about your date later with your girlfriend Sarah. You confess to your sister that you're really looking forward to the date as you haven't felt able to jack off while all your relatives have been in the house, so you're feeling rather backed up! Just then you get a text from Sarah saying she has to cancel your date. Your sister teases you about how frustrated you must be, and offers to let you jack off in the room. You ask her to leave so you can do it but she says she doesn't want to go downstairs and risk getting sucked into another family game of scrabble - you'll just have to do it with her here. Don't worry, she won't look! You're reluctant but you feel so horny and frustrated that you decide to have a go, but soon give up saying it's too weird with your sister sitting there. Your sis says you're being silly, just get on with it! Do you maybe want some help?? You ask what she means and she offers to jack it for you, and starts teasing and stroking you through your sweatpants. Your cock is already rock hard and it feels wrong but so amazing to have her touch it. Eventually you agree to let her jack it for you and so she gets out your cock and starts stroking it. You can't believe how good it feels and soon you're begging her to use her mouth. She laughs at how quickly you're getting into it but agrees, and starts slowly sucking and jacking your hard cock. She even rubs your asshole for you as she sucks you off, and you can't believe what a dirty little slut your sister is. It's making you more and more horny and when your sister suggests she get naked for you to have something to look at you agree eagerly. Soon you're touching your sister's dripping wet pussy, and when she asks if you want to fuck it you barely hesitate before saying yes. She climbs on top of you and rides your cock, reminding you that you have to be quiet so the rest of the family doesn't hear! She bounces up and down on your dick and you can't believe how amazing her pussy feels, this is so wrong but you definitely don't want it to end! After she cums on your cock you can't control yourself any longer and you fill your sister's pussy with cum, then watch it drip back out of her. Maybe sharing a room isn't so bad after all! x

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