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Cuckold initiation (part 2)

Pussy licking


After having entered my office and waking up tied to a table I continue teaching my cuckold trainee how his future is going to be. I continue having him cleaning my cum filled pussy and smother him with my sexy ass, from part 1. But this is not enough, I need an orgasm again. So I find a mouth dildo which I strap to his mouth. So I let the dildo slide slowly into my pussy and start riding the dildo. He should be very happy, because he have the best seats in the house! As I ride him I slowly get closer and closer to a orgasm, and I decide to let him have a last chance to cum, before locking his dick forever. He is allowed to cum, but only after I have had my orgasm! So while I ride the dick I give him a hand job! But he is so aroused, and he comes before me, SO I ruin his orgasm completely! So when I have had my orgasm, I make him lick the cum from my hands. I take the dildo that has just been up my pussy and make him clean it, before leaving him tied up with the dildo in his mouth!

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