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Outdoor Ass and armpit worship POV

You are nothing but a pathetic loser, so follow my ass because I will humiliate you in the streets. So watch my ass and lick it! Oops I just farted in your face, and everybody could see it! So better get down on the ground and start licking my sweaty foot.. It is so warm today, and I want everybody to see what a loser you are! Now prepare to lick my sweaty armpits loser. But better do it now, because I will go to the gym, and you can only imagine how my armpits will smell! I am fresh from the gym, and I did not shower. So better get down on your knees and lick my sweaty ass in the street. You feel pathetic right? Well I got more for you.. Now you need to clean my armpits again. I don’t want to walk in the city with my sweaty stinking armpits, so get your tongue working!

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