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Pink Dildo Fucking In My Pink Bikini

I couldn't wait to show you my new bikini. Isn't it cute? I just love modelling it for you, its getting me pretty turned on though. Ohhhh there go my hands sliding down to the nice warm spot in my bottoms. Enough posing already, let's move on to the bed where I can "model" some more for you. Oh look, here is a pink dildo to go along with my pink bikini. Mmmm, do you like the way I lick the dildo with my tongue? Do you wish it was your cock? I bet I know what else you would like to do with that cock of yours. Here let me demonstrate with my dildo. Laying back on the pillows I pull my bottoms aside and slide the dildo into my tight wet pussy. You like that don't you? Too bad you can't be here to give me your cock. That's ok, just pull your cock out and stroke it for me. We can masturbate together. Harder, faster, cum for me!!! Lots of sloppy, wet MILF pussy. Lots of moaning. And lots of closeups.

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